Queretaro continues to grow in Industry 4.0

After the presentation of the company BA International in the city of Queretaro, it launched BA Innovation before authorities and guests, which will be working with different alliances and strategies to continue optimizing its growth in Queretaro.

“The estimated investment that we have made with our corporate group ranges within the 25 or 30 million pesos.  We are making strategic alliances with national and international companies to continue growing here in Queretaro,” said Alberto Meade, president of the BA Innovation Board of Directors.

Something that characterizes this company is the ambition of democratize the technology towards all economic sectors.

“Democratize is a term that we like to use since it is about landing the technology making it available to everyone.  Our market are SMEs basically, but we also want to help entrepreneurs who are growing,” said Alberto Meade.

At the presentation it was clear that this company will seek contributing to the State growth, therefore it will generate among 15 to 20 direct jobs, in addition of the indirect ones that emerge from maximizing sales and customers’ performance.

“It is to enter the market in an intelligent manner, in an efficient way.  We already have a good customer’s portfolio with other subsidiaries from our business group.  We believe that we could have a good synergy among our customers.  The idea is that by the end of next year we close with about 30 new customers,” concluded the president of the BA Innovation Board of Directors.

On his part, Marco Del Prete, secretary of Sustainable Development in the State, highlighted that Queretaro has been obtaining and building an innovation route in this matter.

“Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution, which already implies automation, communication, artificial intelligence, digitalization and technological advances,” said Del Prete.

At the event a presentation was made regarding the different ways in which BA Innovation could potentiate companies through technological solutions, from administration through manufacturing.

“BA Innovation is born with the idea of using technology for the entire area and have presence not only in a technological level, but to provide SMEs the technology accessible for them,” said Fernando Lopez de Nava.

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